When we were growing up in rural America my friends and I could step outdoors and into The Secret Woods - an untamed place of magic and imagination. At its very heart was the oldest and tallest tree in the Woods. Fixed among its great boughs was a simple wooden platform. Up on that frame we could travel to any place or time. We could do anything, and be anybody, we wanted - even ourselves. In that tree epic adventures happened every day. We risked everything, overcame impossible challenges, played for keeps and always got home for dinner, safe and sound.

One glorious summer morning we climbed higher than we ever had before, to the top most branches of the old tree. Spread out before us in all directions, a vast, unexplored countryside beckoned. Its smoky horizons promised unlimited possibilities. On that day we knew that our adventures could go on forever. We could go anywhere we let our imaginations take us.

The Secret Woods is gone now, given way to tidy streets of fine houses, its enchanted wildness domesticated by the visiting crews who tend the lawns of the homes that stand were we used to play.

 And the old tree?

 Well, now you know where you can find it.


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